Summary of all my development projects

Beershop (PHP)
A PHP focused webshop created using the Laravel framework developed in my second year as an IT student with the goal of learning the basics of using PHP in combination with my already gathered knowledge on HTML and CSS. The website’s intentions were to create both a front-end and a custom Content Management System for managing products, categories, users and orders in a (fake) webshop of your choosing with the ability to go from the point of registering as a new user all the way to (but not including) order payment.
Code Last Updated 2017-06-16

ParkInspect (C#)
A C# WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) Application developed in my second year as an IT student with the goal of making an administrative application which could be used to perform parking lot inspections (fictional) by making custom forms and graphs with their data stored both locally and in a shared Microsoft SQL Database and creating a sync framework between the two.
Code Last Updated 2017-01-27

Wordfeud (Java)
A Java Swing application developed in my first year as an IT student with the purpose of replicating the popular mobile/tablet game WordFeud and playing against other first year IT students with their own clients all working together through a shared MySQL Database.
Code Last Updated 2016-06-08

*Disclaimer – These projects including their corresponding git repositories are ment for the purpose of education and entertainment and should exclusively be used for those purposes. Any malicious actions performed with information gathered or made public through these means are your own responsibility and not mine.