Hello World

Hello World

Greetings ladies and gentleman, fellow programmers, developers and creative folks!
As a software developer (student) I’ve been spending more and more of my time working on personal and business projects, but so far these have all been private and kept to myself. After doing that for over 1.5 years in college a wild thought crossed my mind…

“…Why not blog about my development projects so those who wish to learn from my achievements and fails can do so?”

So with that goal in mind, I’ve been working hard to remodel this site for everyone to see and learn from, and hopefully even learn a lot of new things myself! With simplicity, ease of use and straight-to-the-point I will be posting updates on both personal and college projects which can range from a wide variety of programming languages, like Java, C#, PHP and Javascript combined with HTML and CSS.

Be sure to stick around!

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